Survey Troubleshooting

My webpage froze / closed. How do I get back into the survey to finish it?

Using the same device you used to start the survey, click on the SMILE survey link. Your previous responses should be saved, and you can continue the survey. 

If you try to complete your survey using a different device, the survey will think you are a different participant, and you will have to give consent and complete all survey questions all over again. 

I want to go back and change my responses, but the survey won’t let me. What do I do?

You can change your responses in the survey if you are still within the same section by pressing the “Back” button. However, once you have progressed to a new section in the survey, you might not be able to go back and change your responses. 

My friend wants to take the survey, but when they went to the website it said they had already taken the survey.

This is likely a device-specific issue. The survey can only be taken once from a single computer / phone / tablet. If two different people try to take the survey at different times, using the same device (like a shared cell phone or shared laptop), the website will think that the second person has already completed the survey and will not let them proceed. Our best advice is to tell your friend to use a different device (a different laptop, or a different phone) to access the survey. 

I’m getting an error message in the survey, but I don’t know how to change my response so that the survey will let me proceed. What do I do?

Please “Contact Us” using the Tech Support link.